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Pre-Purchase Marine Survey (buyer’s)

Inspection of the vessel to assess the condition and Fair Market Value. An extensive vessel inspection is highly recommended (and in some cases required by your insurance carrier or lender) when considering the purchase of any new or used boat or yacht, regardless of its age, condition, or reputation. The survey includes hull structural integrity, electrical components and wiring, the drive system, fuel transfer system, engine or other propulsion modules, electronic and navigation equipment, onboard support systems, and safety equipment. An out-of-water bottom inspection and operational sea trial should be included. The vessel’s Fair Market Value and replacement cost are included in this survey.

Insurance and Valuation Survey (owner’s)

Inspection of the vessel at the request of the Insurance Underwriter or Lender to assess the vessel’s risk and Fair Market Value. An insurance survey is performed to assist the insurance carrier in the determination of the risk involved for a particular vessel. Their interests include structural integrity and safety. Many insurance companies require a survey before coverage will be offered. The vessel’s Fair Market Value and replacement cost are included in this survey.

Valuation Survey

A Valuation Survey is performed for the determination of the Fair Market Value of the vessel. This inspection is often required for financial considerations, estate dispositions, charitable donations, or litigation.

Damage Claim Survey

Investigation of the origin and cause, nature, and extent of damage to a vessel.

Marine Engine Diagnostics Scan

Analysis and reporting of information from the engine’s built-in computer system. A report from the engine’s computer system provides valuable information about the engine which includes the engine model number, serial number, actual engine hours, RPM history profile, current and stored fault codes, and a data parameter summary. A report of this analysis is provided to the client.

Outboard Engine Compression Testing

Assessment of the compression of each individual cylinder of an outboard engine. A compression check can indicate that the piston rings are working properly and that the cylinders are in good condition. The test measures how much pressure is built up by the motion of the piston inside the cylinder, given in pounds per square inch (PSI).

Oil Sample Analysis

Oil analysis can be a valuable tool to assess the condition of machinery, alert the owner to impending problems, and assist in developing the best solutions. Oil analysis provides critical early warning information of excessive wear, contamination, or impending machine failure. Tests include spectrochemical analysis, viscosity, fuel dilution, water detection, glycol detection, acid number, base number and particle counting. The test report will include possible causes of any irregularities. Fluid analysis tests for diesel, gasoline, and engine coolant are also available.


All vessel surveys and inspections are non-intrusive. The vessel is inspected without the removal of parts or disassembly. 

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