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Damage Claims

We commit to investigate every claim promptly, accurately, and efficiently. You will have timely acknowledgement of any new assignment and the Insured will be contacted within 24 hours of accepting the assignment.

You will have an initial report within 24 hours of the vessel inspection which will include:

  1. A recommendation of the proper reserve
  2. The amount of any Sue and Labor, and storage
  3. Photo verification of the vessel
  4. Subrogation potential
  5. A report of the status of the investigation, and a summary of the actions required to conclude the investigation.

Your Final Report will include:

  1. A concise explanation of our opinion of the cause of loss and damages related to the loss
  2. Explanation of damages not related to the loss
  3. Photographs of all damaged areas with explanations of the findings in each photo
  4. An opinion of the reasonableness of any repair estimates and efforts to negotiate a reasonable cost of repairs with the Insured’s chosen repair facility
  5. If a repair estimate is not available a detailed damage appraisal can be provided
  6. Subrogation potential
  7. If the insured vessel is a Constructive Total Loss an opinion of the post-casualty value of the vessel or a disposal cost estimate

We are experienced in damage claims covering:

  • Striking Submerged Objects
  • Sinking / Flooding
  • Engine and Machinery Damage
  • Lightning and Storm Damage
  • Roadway Accidents
  • Losses associated with the operation of a marina including losses related to the care, custody, and control of watercraft


Striking Submerged Objects

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